Elta MD®

Elta MD®

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To protect our skin from conditions like wrinkles and discoloration, it’s important to maintain a healthy skincare regimen. Part of this skincare regimen–perhaps the most important part–is a high-quality sunscreen that will provide long lasting, effective protection against sun damage. Elta MD® is a skincare brand that is dedicated to providing not only top-notch skincare products, but also the highest quality sunscreen available.

What Is Elta MD®?

Elta MD prides itself on its sunscreen formulas. Their products are backed by extensive scientific research to provide undeniable results and improve the livelihoods of patients. Elta MD is the most highly recommended sunscreen brand by dermatologists, making it clear that their products have been proven to work time and time again. Elta MD understands the importance of protection from sun damage. Sunscreen can protect you from diseases, including cancer, and is essential in maintaining healthy, vibrant, youthful skin as we age. These products are also designed to seamlessly blend with the skin, providing a lightweight, natural feel. Elta MD has spent the past three decades collaborating with scientists and dermatologists to perfect their formulas. It’s no wonder that this brand is used by dermatologists for their own skin, not just for the skin of their patients.

Who Is a Candidate for Elta MD?

Most people will be candidates for Elta MD, as it’s a skincare product designed for everyday use, rather than a treatment or procedure that’s more invasive in nature. Ideal candidates for Elta MD are willing to work with our team and be open about their skin type, their history with past treatments, and their desired results. Ideal candidates are also patient and have realistic expectations–it may take time for this product’s effects to fully become evident. Because of this, it’s also essential for candidates to be committed to applying this product every day in order to protect and rejuvenate their skin.

What to Expect With Elta MD

Elta MD is designed to be used every day. Complications are not expected, but it may take some time to adjust to incorporating this into your routine, particularly if you’re not used to wearing sunscreen every day. This product should feel smooth and weightless on the skin, and it can be applied under or over makeup to ensure continuous protection from the elements.

Elta MD Aftercare

As with any product, it’s essential to monitor how your skin is reacting, particularly if this is the first time you’re trying this product. If you’re not used to wearing sunscreen, it might take some discipline and determination to make it a habit. We might want to schedule a follow up appointment with you to make sure that you’re happy with this product. This product should be used in combination with other skincare products to give you the healthiest skin possible.

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At Modern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we want to give our patients lasting results–not ones that are temporary. We are invested in the happiness and satisfaction of our patients. Because of this, we will never offer anything other than the highest quality products. If you’re interested in learning more about Elta MD, schedule a consultation with us today to make this a part of your skincare journey.

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