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Plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures can be one of the most important decisions you make in life since the decision involves your long-term appearance, self-esteem, and confidence. When selecting a practice, you need to know that the plastic surgeons and aesthetic providers are experts in their field and that the practice is comprehensive in its approach.

But the ability of the providers is only one part of the equation. Most importantly, perhaps, you also need to know that you can trust that your surgeon or provider to apply their skills in the best possible way to accomplish your aesthetic goals.

From left to right: Maggie Calvo, Kate Avhimovich, Brittany Bray, Dr. Lana Feldman, Dr. Robert Skalicky, Michele Petrillo, Lana Rybotycka, Kelly Cronin, Jillian Norton. 

Modern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has been created based on all of these principles. Our expert team of plastic surgeons, led by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Robert Skalicky, is cutting edge in their knowledge and approach to your aesthetic needs. Our facial injectors have many years of experience and have even been selected to train others in the field. Our expert aestheticians are competent in all areas of skin care and understand fully how to apply their skills to rejuvenate your appearance and maintain a youthful “glow” to your skin. The true beauty of the practice, however, is how all three divisions work together to assure that your result reaches the highest level possible. In addition, we are now offering regularly scheduled online virtual consults and “chats” if you prefer given your inability to easily come into the office in person or your desire to limit your exposure to others given the world situation. Our prioritization of your safety has driven us to implement these changes within our practice.

But our relationship with you is not solely clinical. You will quickly see that you not only become our patient, you become our family. We strive to give you the best possible result while maintaining a comforting, friendly atmosphere.

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