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Body Lift

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Losing a lot of weight is, for most people, a long and often difficult journey. It takes time and consistency, and significant weight loss, often done for health-related reasons, is a hard-earned achievement for many patients. However, a lot of people who have undergone massive weight loss often have excess, loose skin, sometimes leading to discomfort. A body lift procedure may be an excellent option for those looking to remove excess fat and skin. 

What is a Body Lift? 

People who undergo a drastic amount of weight loss (typically at least 100 pounds) may have a large amount of skin and fatty tissue that does not shrink back to its previous shape. Over long periods of being stretched, skin may lose its elasticity, giving it a sagging appearance. A body lift can target areas including the thigh, the buttocks, and the abdomen. During the body lift procedure, excess fat and tissue are removed and the remaining tissue is tightened. This process helps to reshape the body, reducing the sagging appearance. 

Who Is a Candidate for Body Lifts? 

Not everyone is a candidate for a body lift procedure. For at least one year prior to the procedure, the patient should have a relatively stable body weight. If you are considering pregnancy, you may want to put off undergoing this procedure, as a pregnancy can make the results less effective. 


People with considerable looseness of the soft tissue in one or several areas of the body are potential candidates for this procedure. In addition, candidates should be nonsmokers and should not have significant medical conditions that increase the risk of complications during or after surgery. Ideal candidates should also be determined to live a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and a nutritional diet.   

What to Expect During a Body Lift Procedure 

During your consultation with our expert team, you’ll be asked to go over any relevant medical history to determine if you’re a good fit for this procedure. You’ll also be asked to go over medication usage and may be advised to briefly stop taking certain medications to ensure the procedure goes smoothly. As with any procedure, there are some risks, which will be discussed with you thoroughly during your consultation. After the procedure is completed, you’ll likely need to stay for one to two nights. Make travel arrangements beforehand so someone can take you home. 


General anesthesia will be given, meaning you’ll be unconscious during the procedure. Incisions will be made, and the size of the incision depends on the amount of skin that will be removed, as well as how many areas of the body are being targeted. Scars should be expected, but they can typically be made in inconspicuous areas. An apron of tissue and skin will be taken off the body and the remaining tissue will be repositioned and tightened. In some cases, a liposuction may be recommended in conjunction with this procedure to achieve optimal contouring. The underlying tissue will be sutured to support new contours, and the incisions will be closed. 

Body Lift Aftercare 

Full results may not be visible for a matter of months, but some results can be seen immediately. You will need to wear bandages and a compression garment after the procedure, and tubes may be placed under the skin to drain fluid during your recovery. Because of the nature of this procedure, recovery time is significant, so patients should be prepared to limit movement and, if advised, follow a specific diet during recovery to prevent complications. Pain medication will be given to manage discomfort. A member of our team will discuss recovery with you thoroughly to ensure your healing journey is as smooth as possible. Patients can typically resume normal activity after six weeks and exercise after eight weeks. Swelling is normal and should subside almost completely after a few months.  

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