Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

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Following certain procedures like a mastectomy, or removal of breast tissue, some people want to restore the appearance of the breast to achieve a renewed sense of self confidence and feel comfortable in their bodies. We understand that breast reconstruction can often come after procedures and medical emergencies that have been incredibly hard on our patients. Our team is dedicated to learning about your story and working with you to achieve your goals and make you feel beautiful, strong, and confident. If you have previously had breast tissue removed and want to restore the appearance of the breasts, this procedure may be an excellent option for you.

What Is Breast Reconstruction?

This procedure is performed in order to restore shape, size, and appearance following previous conditions or procedures, most commonly a mastectomy or double mastectomy. This process may take several procedures to complete, but it can help you achieve incredible results. Breast reconstruction can either make use of implants or use tissue from the patient’s body to form the breast. The type of mastectomy that has been received, any current or past treatments for conditions like cancer, and the anatomy of the patient all play a role in deciding which type of procedure is best.

Who Is a Candidate for Breast Reconstruction?

Because breast reconstruction is a procedure often sought out by patients who have battled or are battling cancer, it’s important to consult with other members of your medical team to make sure this is the healthiest decision possible. During a consultation, you can also discuss other medical conditions with us to make sure that there’s nothing that could increase surgery complication risks. It’s also important for candidates to discuss their expectations with us, as reconstructed breasts may feel different from what you’re used to–for example, they don’t experience the same level of sensation. However, if you’re a good candidate, this procedure can make a huge impact on self-esteem and emotional well-being.

What to Expect During a Breast Reconstruction Procedure

Before this procedure takes place, you might be asked to get lab testing or blood work done. You might be asked to stop taking certain medications for a short period of time, including blood thinning medication. Anti-inflammatory drugs will also need to be avoided. 

This procedure will usually be done using general anesthesia, meaning you’ll be unconscious while it’s happening. You might also need to stay one or two nights before returning home so we can monitor you and make sure you’re starting your recovery journey properly. 

For some people, there may not be enough remaining tissue to offer support to an implant. If this is the case, a flap technique can be used, which utilizes the transfer of fat, skin, and tissue in order to create the breast. Breast implant reconstruction, on the other hand, may need to be completed over the course of several visits, as an expander will need to be continually filled with a saline solution. The expander can eventually be replaced with an implant. Because of the varying natures of these procedures, our team will be able to give you specifics on what to expect.

Breast Reconstruction Aftercare

After a flap technique is used or an implant is placed, you may need to remain at the facility for a period of time to be monitored. You’ll need to wear gauze and will be given a supportive device, like a support bra. Tubes might be placed to drain excess fluid or blood from the area. The recovery times vary based on the procedure being done, but you should expect to take it easy for several weeks. Our team will thoroughly discuss an aftercare plan with you to make sure you’re on track to heal quickly, as well as check in on you with follow up appointments.

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Every patient has a unique story. Every patient has had to overcome incredibly difficult circumstances. Our team is committed to working with you to hear your story and your goals. By collaborating with you, we strive to make you comfortable and confident both during and after your time at our practice. If you’re interested in learning more about breast reconstruction, schedule a consultation with us to begin the process.

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