Gynecomastia Reduction

Gynecomastia Reduction

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Women are not the only ones who may want to alter the appearance of the chest to boost self-confidence. Many men experience discomfort or unhappiness over the size of their chest. Male breast reduction may be an excellent option for you if you are a man who struggles with the size of your chest.

What Is Male Breast Reduction?

Male breast reduction is a procedure that reduces the size of the breasts by removing tissue. This procedure is also called gynecomastia surgery. Gynecomastia, or enlarged tissue of the breast in men, can cause issues related to comfort and self-esteem. This can result from changes in weight, genetics, aging, and hormonal changes. In some cases, extra tissue can cause pain for patients. Male breast reduction is a common procedure, as gynecomastia affects a large percentage of the male population. 

Who Is a Candidate for Male Breast Reduction?

Not everyone will be an ideal candidate for this procedure. People who are experiencing physical or emotional issues due to the size of breast tissue are best suited for this surgery. Candidates are men who are relatively healthy that do not have certain medical conditions that could increase risks during or after surgery. Candidates should have positive but realistic expectations, which we will talk to you about during your consultation. Candidates should also not smoke leading up to the procedure, as this can lead to increased risk of complications. 

What to Expect During a Male Breast Reduction Procedure

You might be asked to briefly stop or alter certain medications, including anti-inflammatory drugs, to make sure things go smoothly. As with any procedure, there are risks, but we’ll discuss those with you at length during your consultation. Male breast reduction is routinely performed at our practice, so we’re well-trained in delivering excellent, safe results. You should ask someone to drive you to and from the procedure and to stay with you for the first night after the surgery.

After anesthesia is given, the procedure can begin. Depending on your anatomy and your desired results, the technique used to alter the breasts can vary slightly. In some cases, liposuction may be the only technique needed. In this case, we will create a series of incisions, insert a thin tube (cannula), and move it around to make sure fat is loosened enough to be removed. It will then be suctioned out using a surgical vacuum. 

In other cases, if there is extra skin or glandular tissue of the breast that needs to be taken out, we’ll use an excision technique. This will also be used if the nipple or areola need to be altered. In other cases, both excision and liposuction will be used. After the procedure is completed, the incisions will be closed. This procedure can usually be completed in 2-4 hours.

Male Breast Reduction Aftercare

After this procedure, patients can typically return home on the same day as the surgery. Our team will give you specific and thorough instructions on how to care for your healing incisions from home. You’ll be given bandages and a compressive garment to prevent excess bleeding and to provide support while you’re healing. You might be given pain medication and/or an antibiotic to lower risk of infection and manage any discomfort. Small tubes might be inserted to drain fluid, which will be removed after a period of time. You should expect to take it easy for the first several days after the procedure. More specific activity limitations will be given to you by a member of our team. Results should be visible immediately and you can be on your way to being your most confident self.

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