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Many people experience sagging of the skin on the upper arms, leading to emotional and physical discomfort. Extra skinfolds can lead to inflammation of the area, difficulty maintaining hygiene, and lowered self-esteem. This extra skin can develop due to a number of reasons, including age, genetics, and significant weight loss. If you are experiencing discomfort or distress due to sagging of the upper arms, a brachioplasty may be a good option for you. 

What Is a Brachioplasty? 

A brachioplasty, or an arm lift, is a procedure designed to tighten the appearance of the upper arms. It removes excess skin and tissue and promotes a smoother appearance. This procedure is surgical in nature, and it’s often performed in addition to or at the same time as other contouring procedures, like a body lift. In addition to excess skin and fat being removed, underlying tissue is also tightened, creating a contour. 

Who Is a Candidate for Brachioplasty? 

Not everyone is a candidate for this procedure. If you experience significant looseness in the upper arm area that causes you continued discomfort, you may be a good candidate for a brachioplasty. Adults of any age can be ideal candidates for this procedure, but they should have a stable body weight before the time of the procedure, and they also should not have any significant medical conditions that might impair healing or increase the risk of surgical complications. Ideal patients should also have realistic expectations, and they should be willing to stop smoking prior to the procedure to reduce the risk of complications. During your consultation, a member of our time will review your medical history with you to make sure you’re an ideal candidate for this procedure. 

What to Expect During a Brachioplasty Procedure 

Before the procedure begins, you’ll be asked to go over any medication usage. You may be asked to temporarily stop taking or alter the medication to avoid complications, including anti-inflammatory medication. Before the day of the procedure, make sure to ask someone to drive you to and from the surgery and to stay with you for at least the first night of at-home recovery. 


You’ll be given general anesthesia, meaning you won’t be awake during the procedure. An antibiotic will be given during the procedure and after the procedure to prevent infection, and your vital signs will be monitored. An incision will be made. The size and location of the incision will vary depending on how much excess skin will be removed, but generally incisions will be made either on the inner arm or the back of the arm. The skin and fat will be removed, and, in some cases, liposuction will be used to suction out excess fat. After the removal, underlying tissue will be reshaped and tightened, providing support. The skin will be repositioned over the new contouring, and the incisions will be sutured closed. 

Brachioplasty Aftercare 

After the procedure, you will need to wear bandages, and may need to have a small tube or tubes inserted to drain fluid during your recovery. Some patients can return home the same day, while others may need to stay overnight. After you return home, avoid driving for several days. Pain or discomfort can be expected for a period of time following the procedure, and a member of our team will discuss medications with you to alleviate discomfort and prevent infection, as well as a plan for tending to your healing incisions. Results can be seen right away. 

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The brachioplasty procedure is one of many that our team at Modern Aesthetic are experts at performing. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional care, both through collaboration and empathy and through experience. If you’re interested in learning more about the brachioplasty procedure, schedule a consultation with us today. 

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