Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel

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Scars, skin discoloration, and wrinkles are skin complications that millions of people face. At Modern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we are expertly trained and experienced to treat issues like this with procedures like the chemical peel. Read more to learn about the chemical peel procedure and its benefits. 

What Is a Chemical Peel? 

A chemical peel is a noninvasive procedure that’s used to treat several types of skin conditions. The exact technique can vary depending on how deep the treatment goes into the skin. Generally, a chemical solution will be used to get rid of damaged layers of the skin, allowing smoother, healthier tissue to grow in its place. For lighter peels, it’s common to need multiple sessions. Deeper peels can offer more significant results after one session, but the recovery time is also more significant. This technique is a non-surgical option for patients looking to make powerful transformations to their skin and promote the health of newer, healthier skin cells. 

Who Is a Candidate for a Chemical Peel? 

The chemical peel procedure is intended for people who struggle with continued skin issues, including, wrinkles, scars, and discoloration of the skin. Candidates are people who are generally healthy. We’ll talk about your medical history with you to make sure you don’t have underlying conditions or past procedures/treatments that could complicate the treatment process. People who may not be good candidates for this procedure are people with: several instances of scarring abnormally, people with darker complexions, people undergoing certain treatments for acne, and people taking certain medications that increase skin sensitivity. 

What to Expect During a Chemical Peel Procedure 

We’ll talk to you during your consultation about how to prepare for your procedure. The preparation might vary slightly depending on the level of chemical peel you’re receiving. In some cases, you might be given an antibiotic or antiviral to take before the day of the procedure. You might be given other products or medications to use, as well. You should try to avoid using certain hair removal techniques before the day of your appointment, including electrolysis, and avoid shaving areas that will be treated for a couple of days before the procedure. Depending on the level of treatment you’ll be getting, you should make plans for someone to drive you home. 


Before the procedure starts, the target area will be thoroughly cleaned and eyes will be covered with gauze or goggles to protect them from the chemical treatment. Whether a sedative will be given depends on the level of peel you’re receiving. For light peels, the solution will be applied with a brush or a sponge, and you might feel stinging. The solution will then be washed off. For medium peels, we’ll use gauze or a special applicator to apply a trichloroacetic acid solution. Then, the skin will be cooled with compresses. The skin might burn for several minutes after the procedure is done. For deep peels, you’ll be given anesthesia with an IV, and we’ll monitor your vital signs. Carbolic acid will be spread on the skin using an applicator. A deep peel might take over an hour to complete. 

Chemical Peel Aftercare 

We’ll go over a thorough aftercare plan with you to make sure that you’re on your way to a smooth recovery. Aftercare instructions will vary on the level of peel you get. With any level of peel, irritation, swelling, and redness are expected. You should try to avoid touching your skin as much as possible. It might take months for skin tone to return to its normal color.  

Schedule a Consultation 

Chemical peels are a procedure that produce significant results. However, they also require the touch of an expert professional. Fortunately, our team at Modern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery have dedicated our lives to delivering top-quality care to our patients. To learn more about chemical peels, schedule a consultation with us today. 

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