Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation

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Lip augmentations have become incredibly popular over the past few decades. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and techniques offered at Modern Aesthetic, we’re able to offer our patients a wide range of options to choose from when thinking about rejuvenating lip appearance. If you’re interested in fuller lips, read more about this procedure below.

What Is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation can create a plumper, more voluminous appearance of the lips by adding volume to the area. Lip augmentation can occur through several different methods, including the use of fillers, the insertion of lip implants, transfer of fat into the area, and lifting of the lips to create a desired look. Lip implants and lip lifts are both surgical options that a member of our expert team can carry out to give you the results you’re looking for. Lip implant surgery involves small incisions and the insertion of implants, while lip lifts require the removal of skin in order to pull the lips upward.

Who Is a Candidate for Lip Augmentation?

Both lip lifts and lip implants are permanent–though implants can be replaced–so ideal candidates should be sure that this procedure is what they want. Ideal candidates will be ready to discuss expectations and goals with us so we can make sure this is the best option for you. Candidates are relatively healthy individuals who don’t have underlying conditions that could complicate the procedure and the recovery process. Candidates should also not smoke or be prepared to stop smoking leading up to the procedure, as smoking can cause issues during surgery.

What to Expect During a Lip Augmentation Procedure

You should be ready to stop taking certain anti-inflammatory medications and supplements, like aspirin and fish oil, leading up to the surgery. We’ll discuss preparation with you before the procedure. Make sure to arrange transportation to and from the surgery, and have someone stay with you during the first night of your recovery to make sure you have everything you need.

Unless you’re having other procedures done at the same time, you’ll be given local anesthesia, meaning you’ll be awake but won’t experience any pain. Lip implant surgery is usually completed within a half hour. Small incisions will be given at the corners of the mouth and an implant will be pulled through into the lip with the use of a clamp. The incisions will then be closed up. Lip lift procedures usually take around an hour to complete. An incision will be cut into the area beneath the nose and a small amount of skin will be removed, allowing us to move your lip upward. Afterward, we will close up the incision. 

Lip Augmentation Aftercare

You can return home the day of the procedure, assuming there aren’t any complications. You might be advised to avoid hard foods during the first few days of your recovery. The head should remain elevated while you sleep. Try to avoid excessive lip movement during the first few days if you can. Ice packs are great for pain management and swelling. Any redness and bruising should dissipate within a few weeks after the procedure. A member of our team will give you a detailed care plan and make sure you know how to proceed on your recovery journey.

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Our team is proud to offer the most cutting-edge techniques available for adding volume or lift to the lips. We work with you to examine the unique anatomy of your face and determine what kind of procedure will give you the most stunning, long lasting results. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more about lip augmentation.

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