Breast Revision and Asymmetry

Breast Revision and Asymmetry

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In some cases, people’s aesthetic goals might change after they’ve had a procedure done. In others, they may have gotten a procedure done somewhere else and are unhappy with the care and results they received. If this is the case for you, our practice offers breast revision to update your look and renew your confidence.

What Is Breast Revision?

Breast revision is a procedure that is used to update someone’s appearance by replacing older implants with new ones. In some cases, other procedures might be given along with a breast revision, including breast lifts or breast reductions. Sometimes, an implant or the breast can lose or change shape, resulting in dissatisfaction. Patients commonly choose to have their breast implants updated after ten years. Our expert team is highly trained in delivering long lasting and superior results with this procedure.

Who Is a Candidate for Breast Revision?

This procedure is meant for people who have had implants inserted in the past and are now unhappy with the results. By replacing the implants, patients can achieve a refreshed look. Candidates for this surgery are people who are dissatisfied by the look of their implants or are concerned about the implants presenting medical issues. Candidates are generally healthy and have maintained a relatively consistent weight leading up to the procedure, and they are also nonsmokers leading up to the procedure. We’ll discuss your goals and medical history with you at length to make sure that you’re an ideal candidate for breast revision.

What to Expect During a Breast Revision Procedure

Our team will go over any medications with you that might need to be halted or changed before the procedure to prevent any complications. You should also plan to ask someone to drive you to and from the procedure and to stay with you the first night after you get home.

You will be given an anesthetic to make sure you’re comfortable and don’t experience pain while the procedure is taking place. An incision will be made in the breast crease, vertically along the breast, or around the areola. After the old implants are removed and replaced with new implants, the incisions will be closed up and the procedure will be complete. This surgery can usually be finished in under three hours.

Breast Revision Aftercare

After the procedure is finished, you’ll be monitored for a period of time before being released to go home to make sure your vital signs are healthy. You’ll need to wear bandages and might need to wear a garment like a support bra. Tubes might also be placed to make sure that fluid drains properly during healing. You might be given an antibiotic or pain medication to make sure the healing journey is as smooth as possible. You should expect to limit activity for a period of time during your recovery and to take it as easy as possible for several days. Our team will tell you how to take proper steps to care for yourself at home, and follow up appointments are standard. Some pain and swelling are standard for the days following the procedure.

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