ZO Skin Health®

ZO Skin Health®

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For patients looking to take back control in the maintenance and promotion of clear, vibrant, healthy skin, ZO Skin Health® is a prescription-grade option that provides consistent, exceptional results. This product has been designed to work for patients of all skin types. Read more below to read about this skincare brand.

What Is ZO Skin Health®?

ZO Skin Health is a skincare brand whose cornerstone is scientific research, ensuring that their products are safe and proven to be effective. This company was founded by Dr. Zein Obagi, who is a dermatologist known around the world for his contributions to the field. ZO Skin Health is committed to pushing the boundaries of skincare in order to improve the lives of patients around the world. They are passionate about developing products that work for people across various ages, skin types, skin conditions, and backgrounds, and their products can be easily incorporated into your daily routine to provide you with consistent, exceptional results. ZO Skin Health empowers patients by offering products that can be applied at home on a day to day basis.

Who Is a Candidate for ZO Skin Health?

Because ZO Skin Health is a medical-grade brand, patients need the approval of medical providers to use their products. Because of this, ideal candidates are open-minded and willing to work together with our team. Using teamwork, we can determine your skin type and the causes of skin conditions you might be struggling with, which can include environmental factors, excess buildup of oil, or sun damage. After determining the cause, we can work toward a solution by identifying the ideal ZO Skin Health product for you to try. Ideal patients should also be determined to live a healthy, nutritious lifestyle and to maintain a regular skincare routine. Candidates are also people who don’t smoke or are willing to stop smoking.

What to Expect With ZO Skin Health

Because ZO Skin Health is a skincare product, rather than a traditional treatment or procedure, it is important for patients to keep track of how their skin reacts to ZO Health Products. This company offers products to target a range of conditions, and these products can come in various formulas, including powerful serums and pads. These products should be easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

ZO Skin Health Aftercare

We may want to schedule a follow up appointment with you to see how the product is working. Be mindful of any possible reactions you are having to a particular formula. This product requires dedication in order for you to achieve full results. In addition to ZO Skin Health products, make sure you are applying sunscreen daily.

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ZO Skin Health, like our team at Modern Aesthetic, is built around the premise of improving the lives of patients. We have that in common. At our practice, we only offer the safest, most highly-effective solutions to our patients. To learn more about ZO Skin Health, schedule a consultation today to start the conversation.

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