Maggie Calvo

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive expert aesthetic care while instilling a sense of trust and confidence in each patient.

No one embodies these key characteristics more than our very own Maggie Calvo.

Originally starting as a member of our front-desk team, her strong connection to patients, clinical know-how, and resilient work ethic quickly became eminent.

Maggie’s friendly attitude and ability to identify the wants and needs of patients have captivated the attention of everyone around her and proven her leadership skills.

Throughout her career, she has continuously gone above and beyond to assure that each patient feels welcomed, praised, and validated.

Maggie has accurately guided our patients towards beginning their aesthetic journey and treatment plan, while building lifelong trust in the process.

Her natural curiosity to learn the clinical aspects of aesthetic skincare led her to obtain her esthetician license as well as take part in numerous clinical training programs.