A skin treatment that has gone viral in the past several years is the platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment, otherwise known as the “vampire facial.” Boasted by celebrities as a luxurious skincare method, this facial has become increasingly popular. We are delighted to offer PRP to our patients at Modern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. 

What Is PRP? 

“PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)” is a term that refers to something very special already in our bodies. Without a doubt, its uses are nothing short of miraculous. But first, we need to know what this term even means. 


For the sake of simplicity, our blood has four parts. The first, our red blood cells. The second, our white blood cells. The third, our platelets. And finally, our plasma. As its name suggests, this treatment is a concentration of these last two things. Platelets not only play a big role in clotting but also contain a variety of growth factors and bioactive proteins. Our plasma is the fluid everything floats in. 


A sample of your blood is taken, and the platelets and plasma are separated. Then, the mixture is re-injected into the area that needs it most. Often, this is done right after surgeries to speed up the healing process. As such, you achieve your desired look faster and more comfortably. 

After injection, the growth factors and other bioactive proteins start work on repairing and rebuilding your tissue. This increases blood flow to the area, stimulates cell growth and division, and reduces inflammation. Overall, this therapy harnesses your body’s natural healing mechanisms to repair and regrow tissue. 

Who Is a Candidate for PRP? 

This treatment is intended most for people over the age of 18 who are experiencing dullness or brittleness of the skin, as well as wrinkles. These conditions can be a result of several factors, including age, pollutants, and sun damage. Ideal candidates are relatively healthy and are not taking certain medications, including medication that increases skin sensitivity or prevents blood clotting. Ideal patients are also collaborative in nature and have realistic expectations. We’ll work with you to talk about your medical history and your goals, as well as your skin type, to make sure that a vampire facial is a good option for you and your skin. 

What to Expect During a PRP Treatment 

We’ll go over preparation instructions with you so your skin can be primed and ready on the day of the treatment. Generally, avoid taking medications that may cause excess bleeding or prevent clotting, like ibuprofen or supplements like fish oil. Also avoid smoking leading up to the treatment. 


The procedure is completed in 3 steps and can usually be done in under one hour. First, we will draw blood from your body and into a device that separates blood from platelets. We will then direct the platelet-rich blood back into or onto the body.  

PRP Aftercare 

Results typically start to appear for most patients after a couple of weeks and continue to become more prominent over the months following the procedure. The results can last for nearly two years. Some soreness and swelling aren’t uncommon after this treatment, but you should be able to resume normal activity quickly. We’ll tell you how to take care of your face at home and ensure that you achieve beautiful results. 

Schedule a Consultation 

At Modern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, our experts in skincare use this natural resource to improve your results. They work with our surgical team to ensure your comfort and recovery. However, this treatment isn’t just for surgeries. We also use platelet rich plasma to promote skin rejuvenation. By injecting it directly into your skin, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which improve texture, tone, and firmness. 


This treatment has more than one use. They’re all yours. Schedule a consultation with us today. 

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