Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Lift at Modern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

At Modern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we understand that every woman’s body and aesthetic goals are unique. When considering breast enhancement, two of the most popular procedures are breast augmentation and breast lift. Both surgeries can dramatically improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence, but they serve different purposes. Here’s a detailed comparison to help you determine which procedure might be the best fit for your needs.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation involves using implants to increase the size and enhance the shape of the breasts. This procedure is ideal for individuals who are happy with the position of their breasts but desire more volume. It can also correct asymmetry and restore breast volume lost due to weight fluctuations or pregnancy.

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is designed to raise and firm the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue. This procedure is best suited for women who are satisfied with their breasts’ size but want to correct sagging or improve the position and shape of their downward-pointing nipples and areolas.

Choosing the Right Procedure for You

Assessing Your Goals

The choice between breast augmentation and a breast lift largely depends on your specific aesthetic goals and the natural anatomy of your breasts. Breast augmentation might be the right choice if your primary concern is increasing breast size or fullness, especially in the upper breast area. However, if your goal is to improve the position of sagging breasts and you are content with your current size, a breast lift could be more appropriate.

Combining Procedures

For some women, combining breast augmentation with a lift provides the best of both worlds: enhanced volume and a perkier, more youthful position. During your consultation at Modern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we can discuss the possibility of combining these procedures to achieve optimal results tailored to your desires.

What to Expect

The Procedures

Both procedures are typically performed under general anesthesia. Breast augmentation involves placing implants either under the breast tissue or the chest muscles. A breast lift involves removing excess skin and reshaping the breast tissue. Incision patterns vary depending on the chosen procedure and the degree of correction needed.

Recovery Process

Recovery times can vary, but most patients can expect to take it easy for at least a few days after surgery and should avoid strenuous activities for several weeks. We provide detailed postoperative care instructions and support throughout recovery.

Making The Right Decision For You

Deciding between breast augmentation and a breast lift is a personal choice that significantly depends on your individual body and aesthetic goals. At Modern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to guiding you through this decision with professional advice tailored to your personal needs.

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